If you are a "Rental Space Provider", following these tips can help create a great experience for your 127 Yard Sale vendors and shoppers alike. Happy yard sale shoppers mean increased sales and that means happier vendors who will be more likely to return year after year!

Sign Example "Picker's Field" at the 127 Yard Sale

1. Name Your Location!

This is super important, but most often overlooked. Your goal is to get as many people to your location as possible, right? Well, one way this happens is by word-of-mouth, i.e., yard sale shoppers telling other yard sale shoppers; so make it easy for them and name your location. This way when they post pictures on social media of your location, or what they bought there, they can let people know where they bought it. And when they talk to their friends they can tell them as well. Plus, in future years when they want to visit you again, they can find you. A name is something that's memorable. This is really just basic branding and self-promotion. This benefits your vendors as well so they can more easily remember you and they can advertise where they are going to be set up selling.

I can't tell you how many people we've heard describing a location by saying "It's south of such and such a town." or "It's across the street from the dollar store." or worst yet they say, "I don't remember where it was. I wish I did!"

An example of properly naming your location would be a location in Signal Mountain, Tennessee that bills itself as "Picker's Field". Make sure you include your location name on your signs as well!

2. Signage

You need signs to let your vendors and shoppers know where they are. Include the name of your location (see #1 above) and the city and state where you are located. You would not believe how many shoppers lose track of where they are, especially the city/town. In addition, you need to let shoppers know where the entrance and exits are, parking, maybe a food truck, restrooms, or anything else important.

3. Parking

You need adequate parking and you need to make sure yard sale shoppers know where it is located. Use signage as mentioned above for this. Keep in mind what will happen if it rains, which happens somewhere every year during the 127 Yard Sale. Is it going to be so muddy that vehicles will get stuck? Plan ahead for this possible situation.

4. Restrooms

If at all possible make sure you have restrooms available. Portable toilet rentals are great for this purpose and you can even get portable sinks as well. Advertise that you have restrooms on signage out by the road. Yard sale shoppers will stop at your location because you have restrooms. They will also stay longer. And don't forget your vendors! If they have to leave to go to the bathroom they will not be happy and probably won't come back next year. Your location will be much more popular if it's a one-stop-shop. No pun intended. :)

5. Food

We highly recommend having one food truck or possibly more than one at your location. This is helpful to your vendors (they have to eat too!), but it also encourages yard sale shoppers to stay and shop longer. Keep in mind, your food vendors want to make money as well. If you allow too many they will be competing with each other and may not make much money. 

6. Provide Information to Vendors

Make sure you do some research and know what the local laws are in your area for things such as permits/licensing for food trucks, and possible health codes. Also, send them to this website. We have great information for 127 Yard Sale vendors. Working together with your vendors will help provide the best experience for them and shoppers. It's a win-win-win.

7. Safety First

It's often unsafe to have yard sale shoppers parking on the sides of the road. Putting up signs directing people to your parking area can avoid this issue. Also, if the local police will ticket cars for parking on the sides of the road in your area make sure you help prevent that headache by blocking off those areas. Lastly, you should avoid vehicles driving in the areas where vendors have their booths set up and shoppers are walking around, as much as possible.