July 14th, 2022 - Pikeville, Tennessee

  • Also known as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” this unique event has been drawing hundreds of thousands of people (shoppers/vendors) each year since 1987.
  • The route stretches across 6 states (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama) from Gadsden, AL in the south to Addison, MI in the north.
    Rain or shine, the 127 Yard Sale is held annually and has never been canceled—not once!
  • This year the 127 Yard Sale will be held on August 4th-7th, 2022.

Since 1987… Delivering That Nostalgic Experience People Crave

In 1987 there were no smartphones and most people didn’t even know what a cell phone was. Paper maps were used to navigate trips. No thank you! Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon didn’t yet exist—no posting pictures of your best finds for your friends to see online. How did anyone survive? Technology has come a loooong way since 1987.

But what hasn’t changed is what makes the 127 Yard Sale such a memorable pastime. Getting up early with your friends or loved ones and hitting the road, not sure what hidden treasure you might find along the way. The interesting people you meet. The delicious food cooked fresh at a local diner or old-time general store. Some things you can’t fully describe with words, but the happy feelings you are left with after experiencing the 127 Yard Sale will never be forgotten.

From Addison MI to Gadsden AL, 690 miles of America at its best! Fourth-year to participate! Finished up the 690 mile trek this weekend! Have loved every mile of it! All the people you meet and great buys along the way! America is still alive and beautiful on the highways and byways away from the interstates!” - Kay P.

Rain Doesn’t Stop 127 Yard Sale Shoppers and Vendors

The 127 Yard Sale always goes on rain or shine. Rain is very common in August, especially at the southern portions of the route in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. However, rain clouds are typically scattered and showers are brief so if vendors are forced to close they will reopen as soon as possible. Keep in mind that forecasts often change drastically in just a day or two as well.

Every year people ask me how rain will affect the 127 Yard Sale? I tell them, it won’t! It’s always going to rain somewhere on the expansive 690 mile route, but the vendors are prepared and ready to handle it. Worst case scenario you take a break and get a bite to eat and then get right back to shopping.
- Josh Randall (Director of Media Relations for 127YardSale.com)

35th Anniversary T-shirts

Every year for the 127 Yard Sale a commemorative t-shirt is released. However, this year there are two limited-edition designs. Both featuring an 80s style and color scheme, these designs are sure to get everyone excited! Many t-shirt styles and colors are available as well as tank tops, fanny packs, hats, coffee mugs, and much more! Only available online at the official 127 Yard Sale store: store.127YardSale.com.

To learn more about this event visit www.127YardSale.com. You can see route maps, find lodging, and so much more.